Gona's Reading Ranch


I’m a self-published children’s book author. I’ve lived in Idaho my whole life, growing up on a family farm in Burley. My children are 5th-generation Idahoans! For 40 years, I’ve been a mother and for the last 16 years, I’ve been a grandmother. I wanted to use my experiences to help other parents and grandparents – and so Gona’s Reading Ranch was born!

Remember when you were a child and everything seemed so magical and innocent? That’s the place a child goes to when they read my books ✨

My stories focus on the importance of family bonds, learning lessons like responsibility and caring for something other than yourself, and how to escape from the digital world and have fun! My books have received the following achievements: Indie Book Award, IBPA-Benjamin Franklin Award, and the North American Book Award (twice!).

As a child, reading books allowed me to enter a world completely different from my own. I wanted to write my own books to share the magic of books with everyone.