About the Author

Carla Osborne

Carla Crane Osborne

The author of Under the Barnyard Light, a delightful children’s book about family farm life. Her book is a true story of her life growing up on the family farm. Carla wrote Under the Barnyard Light to bring to life a snapshot of the past so that children today can experience a sliver of the magic she knew growing up on a farm with all of its wonders.  The warmth from the barnyard light is a representation of the love and security that she felt.

Under the Barnyard Light

Published by Gona Publishing and is illustrated by Brandon Dorman who has illustrated for New York Times bestselling works. Carla wanted to capture the actual farm structures she grew up with, so she enlisted the help of Michael D. Crane, son of Dennis and Kathy Crane. Michael worked with Carla on the original sketches and drawings for the book. They worked extensively to accurately depict the farm that Carla grew up on. Those sketches were then given to Brandon Dorman who took those sketches and Barnyard was brought to life.

Carla spent many happy hours as a child perusing the shelves for adventures at the local library. Libraries helped nourish a life-long love for reading. Carla has been donating her book to area libraries and schools as a way to give back and to show respect to those who live in the area and the generations of families who grew up there and still work there today. Carla is extremely proud of her rural upbringing and the life-long lessons that it taught her. She is happy to give back and hopes that she can help foster, in some small way, future children’s love for reading and a knowledge of a family farm.

Carla is a proud, multiple–generation, lifetime Idaho resident. She has had the opportunity to make her home in other states, but always chose to stay in her beloved Idaho. She is the daughter of Raeola Drake and Calvin Crane, lifetime Unity area farmers. She is a first-time author currently living in Meridian Idaho with her husband, Ron, who is also a native of the area. Carla grew up on a farm, outside of Burley in Unity area. She also is proud to own land in Albion where she spent many family outings in the hills.

Carla is continuing the saga of Under the Barnyard Light with a series entitled Go Gona Go. The next book Pony Express is scheduled to be released in April with Alex the Lamb close on its heels.